Craig-O Ringland
 Songwriter & Performer


Craig-O placing a call from the
legendary 'Fire in the Sky' phone booth in Heber, AZ.
"Hey - come on, somebody pick-up..."

A Slight mal-function of Craig-O's heart has occurred... Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

to the site!

Order your copy of Songs from the Saddle today!!  The folks at Village provide a secure credit card site so you're all set.  Once it arrives in your mailbox, you can kick-back and enjoy!


The Durango Songwriters Expo:   Keep an eye on the Durango link for the next Expo and other updates. 

New Song Spotlight: 
Now you can listen to the new stuff right on the website!  The New Song Spotlight below contains a couple recent songs Craig-O's written & composed.  If you'd also like to hear some cuts from the album, click on this MySpace link:
                New Song Spotlight
                           Second Chance Angel

Thinkin' About Us

Performance Schedule:  
Winter is upon us!  Craig-O's been trying to spend as much time as possible up at the Songwriting Chalet enjoying the snow and writing.  He's also still in search of open-mic venues in the east valley so send in any ideas!  

Craig-O plays Taylor fine guitars.




















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